Monday, 11 June 2012

Dental Implants Richardson TX

New Solution For Loose, Slipping Dentures
Do you have dentures because you were told you couldn’t get implants due to insufficient bone quality? Are you wearing dentures that slip, tilt, or wander, and you would prefer to have the strength and stability of implants? You will be happy to know of a relatively recent breakthrough called mini dental implants (MDIs). MDIs securely anchor your dentures, eliminating slippage and trapped food. They can be placed in one visit and are virtually painless. You can look forward to eating the same day you receive them. Additionally, they can often be placed where regular implants cannot, so you can receive the benefits of MDIs even if you are not a candidate for regular implants. For more information about mini dental implants, please give us a call or click here.

Dental Implant Restoration for a Perfect Smile
Missing teeth can cause difficulties in chewing and make you self-conscious about your smile. We have an excellent solution – dental implant restorations! A titanium post serves as the replacement for the root of your tooth, which then serves as a platform for the creation of beautiful, life-like crowns (caps) that replace missing teeth. These will match the rest of your teeth, function just like the originals, and be impossible for anyone to detect! Dental implants can also be used to “lock in” dentures for a secure fit. Get the smile you deserve – permanently!

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